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Types, Specs & Applications
Natural Chicle Gum Bases

Chicle Gum Base Types

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Chicle Gum Base Applications
Chicle Sap Gum Base Benefits 

Natural Chewing Gum Benefits 

This is Authentic Chicle Chewing Gum Base


Chicle gum base are made with sapotilla tree sap. To obtain the chicle tree sap, completely cleansed, completely purified and suitable for use in manufacturing.

We need to apply a filtering process with temperature and intensive mixing where it is necessary add natural candelilla wax and natural citrus complex. To prevent the degradation and fermentation of chicle tree resin sap.

We have a chicle gum base for each natural chewing gum types. In block or powder presentations

Depending on requirements of your processing equipment. Including manufacturing without machinery

Our products comply with: Food International requirements & Management system International certificates


For to manufacture of high quality natural chewing gum​, biodegradable & environmentally friendly

The best substitute to the elastomers, resins polymers and waxes synthetic. 

For to avoid health risks of the consumer

Contributes to increase sensitivity in the mouth of flavors and sweeteners. With gradual dosage & efficient delivery system for all ingredient types, including the herbal, functional & pharma actives.

Improves the texture and more chewability, enhances flavor release and reduces actives off-taste

Low stickiness during chewing. Offers more taste perception time.

Increases the possibility of more fillers without lowering the quality

To help choose the chicle gum base suitable for make your chewing gum. 

Please contact us:

AB Natural Base SA CV   Mexico   Ph: 52 55 5652 1839
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