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How to make

Natural Chewing Gums

Overview of industrial process for to natural chewing gum manufacture 

The chicle gum base is mixer with additives, 

it is placed in kettles to be cooked and additional ingredients are stirred in by large steel blades.

first extremely fine powdered sugar and corn syrup are added.

The flavorings are added next, followed by softeners.

When the mixture is smooth​ enough, it is rolled out on to belts and cooled by being exposed to cold air.

The next step is kneading.

For several hours machines gently pummel the mass.

After being dusted with powdered sugar,

the gums is scored into a pattern of rectangles, seasoned and broken into sticks. 

The gum is now ready to be packaged and shipped

To retail outlets, gums until it is properly rubbery and smooth. 

Large chunks​ are then chopped off the mass, to be flattened by rollers until they reach

the proper thickness nearly 17 inches ( about 43 cm )


During this process, the sheet of chewing gum is dusted with powdered sugar to prepare it for cutting.

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