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Chicle tree sap features & amazing benefits

Features chicle tree sap 
The true and original chewing gum, arises by mixing sap of the manilkara tree with cane syrup and flavors
Chicle: The word comes from Nahuatl Language, "Tzictli" 

Chicle is a gift from the Mayan Culture:  
it was born in inside jungles of southeastern Mexico Central America 
More than two thousand years ago.
it is obtained from the sap of the Manilkara tree of sapotaceae family
Collected from several species of tree including
M.Zapota, M.Chicle, M.Staminaodella, M.Bidentata, M.Mayarensis,
M.Bella, M.Gonavensis, M.Sapotilla, M.Longifolia: M.Mamey

The activity of extraction the chicle tree sap is a completely sustainable social and ecological
Obtaining a product 100 % natural- organic and this is because the extraction is performed on tree have their
Birth and natural development within forest, without intervention of the human hand
With a rigorous control of eco-forestry system
Only extracting the tree sap individuals who were marked and selected through
Dasonomic studies by ministries ecology of each countries.

Benefits chicle tree sap
Has the function to store and distribute all nutrients to the tree body.
Through its efficient molecular structure
Taking advantage this feature all ingredients in the formulation.
Are inside molecular structure of 
To make homogeneous and efficient delivery system  
For these characteristics: chicle gum bases

Is considered to be the best dosing system for herbal, functional and pharma actives. 
Is key to the rapid onset of the alkaloids action as well.
With swift transit through the capillary rich mucous membrane lining the mouth 
Scientifically is considered the natural elastomer with better delivery system for all ingredients and actives

Healthy chewing gum base

AB Natural Base  SA  MEXICO​  Ph: 52 55 5652 1839

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