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The Best Delivery System with Natural Chewing Gums

Chicle Tree Chewing Gum Bases

Explanation of the excellent efficiency that chicle sap gum base

Has to make the delivery of functional and pharma actives

It allows the integration of actives ingredients within its molecular structure

Giving the possibility of making gradual deliveries to be buccal absorption results in fast onset of action. Avoiding that the functional actives are transported to the digestive system 

And quickly discarded by the organism

Approximately 90% absorption of actives​ can be achieved with chicle gum base, 

Compared to a 40% obtained with conventional gum base synthetic. 

For this reason the amount of actives in formulation is reduced.

Is the product that revolutionize functional markets

With unique molecular configuration of the chicle tree sap

obtained elastomers of short chain with branches

That resulting in a product final with high porosity and good resilience. 

Scientifically is considered the natural elastomer with better delivery system

for all ingredients and actives

The components as well special and unique molecular structure of sap, 

They contain mix of natural isoprenes with configuration :

1-4 Cis with 1-4 Trans and luperol resins

Make great comparative difference, with other species of another natural elastomers.

Natural Rubber, Balattas, Jelutong, Gutta, Sorva, Tunu.

As well as elastomers synthetics as SBRs and their derivatives synthetics

 Natural Chewing Gum World Brands

Functional chewing gums global market

it has an impressive growth with estimated annual sales over $ 9bn US dollars, 

Functionality is the added of nutraceutical ingredients such as vitamins,

antioxidants or stimulants inside chewing gums

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