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Homemade Natural Chewing Gum

Information for easy manufacturing


Gallery of products in the market

View different ways of doing healthier and all natural chewing gums with easy process

Without Machinery:

Natural bubble gums:     sugar or sugarfree

Natural sugars gums:      with cane or honey

Natural sugarfree gums:   with xylitol or stevia

Natural functional gums:   with herbal extracts

Homemade natural chewing gum is the new business with all chances of success

The confectionery product made at home with sales online 

is having a fast growth in markets.

The key to enter to this market is offers innovate, green and natural products 

Natural chewing gum made with chicle tree sap gum base

is the best alternative for consumers

You can create a unique product: Healthier, Biodegradable & Eco-Friendly

Sugar, Sugarfree, Herbal & Functional Types

For easy manufacture of natural chewing gum with quality and without machinery

We development the chicle gum base PW-060, 

The big innovation in confectionery industry.

Have a Project of Natural Chewing Gum in Mind ?

We offer all the information they need to explore and discover this new market 

There will always be our technical support and expertise for its developments

AB Natural Base SA CV  Mexico  Ph: 52 56521839
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