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New technology development to use chicle tree sap

AB Natural Base SA CV

Has more 30 years being the leader. In extraction and transformation of chicle manilkara zapotas tree sap. 

For to make natural chicle gum base with big quality products.

With implementation in our manufacturing facilities of new process technologies. 

To provide purified chicle tree sap, 

Preserving their full natural properties and keeping process transformation​ developed by

" Mayan Culture "   

Without affecting the ecosystem and taking care the conservation of our jungles.

Obtaining the international certifications of being a responsible social and ecological company.

And complying with all International Quality Standards

Allows us to offer innovative and excellent natural products.​​​

The best substitute to elastomers, resins and waxes synthetic. 

And avoiding risks to the health of consumers

Appropriate for manufacture of natural chewing gums with premiun quality.

AB Natural Base SA CV
Ph:  52 56521839

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