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 Natural Chewing Gum
Features & Benefits

This is right product to enter natural markets that are booming

Development new products to meet the growing demand for: 

Healthy-functional-green chewing gums

It is the key to success in today's markets.

Currently are 50 brands in world and the number growing fast​:

World Brands

Natural chewing gum Features

Using chicle gum base for manufacturing,

You get healthy chewing gums with high quality. 

More time of taste perception, chewability and texture 

The best delivery system for all ingredients

Natural chewing gum Benefits

Biodegradable and natural products

Reports with the Ecological and Biodegradable benefits

that offer the consumption of natural chewing gums.

Scientific article with biodegradable chewing gum studies.

Natural chewing gum Marketing

Helps create new and innovative products to be updated with market trends

The natural products provide substantial opportunities for growth

Resulting in increased sales with gains.

Identification of consumers by offering healthy brands. 

Differentiate your products against the competition

Capture of the another markets

Get sale points in natural and health products chains.

To take advantage of this new business opportunity

Recipes and Formulations

For more information contact with us

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Ph: 52 55 56521839
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