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Natural Chewing Gum Base Healthy & Eco-Friendly Products

New researches is indicating that the natural chewing gums.

Manufactured with chicle tree sap gum base.

For its special features offers amazing benefits

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Current market trends have positive movement for natural, healthy and green products.

To obtain chewing gum of these characteristics and with excellent quality.

The best way is to use chicle gum base are totally natural products.

Thus avoiding the risk by the use of elastomers, resins, polymers and waxes synthetic, 

in the formulations and be able to offer their consumer.

"Healthiest & eco-friendly chewing gums"

Natural Chewing Gum Base

AB Natural Base  SA  CV

Mexican company with 30 years of experience and leader in the manufacturing of 

Top Chewing Gum Base in the World 

That are sold in more of 25 countries.

Chicle gum bases made with all natural ingredients are biodegradable and environmentally friendly products.

We have a chicle gum base for each natural chewing gum types.

Depending on requirements of your processing equipment

Chicle gum base blocks
Formulations:  Sugars, sugar free, functionals, herbal, pharma
Applications :   Stick, dragees, bubblegum, pillows, center filler
Chicle gum base powder
FormulationsSugars, sugar free, functionals, herbal, pharma
For to make
Direct compressed chewable tabs.
 Manufacturing without machinery.
For to make:
Homemade natural chewing gum. 
AB Natural Base SA  Mexico City 
Phone 52 56521839
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